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Hallelujah, Baby!

A celebrated writing team: Comden & Green (Applause, On the Town), Arthur Laurents (Gypsy, West Side Story), Jule Styne (Funny Girl, Peter Pan). A legendary leading lady: Leslie Uggams (Roots, Anything Goes, even Deadpool) Could this show, focused on the history of Black people in the US, be the gem we didn’t know we needed? Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Show stats,_Baby! Rights Times Articles (2 articles that are both fairly long - one is a review and one is a commentary - there is also a full page ad of the show with lots of pull quotes and directions on how to buy tickets via mail) (a review of the album) (drama mailbag) (walter kerr review) (2004 article about the arena stage/george street playhouse co-production and its updates) (picture of Billy Dee Williams of Star Wars fame replacing the original actor) Broadwayworld Message Board (lots of pictures and 2 tony award performances - also a brief discussion on the show)

Jule Styne (obituary)

Comden and Green

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