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Cry For Us All

From the music writer of “Man of La Mancha”, Mitch Leigh, based on the critically acclaimed play “Hogan’s Goat”, we bring you “Cry For Us All”. A dramatic musical telling the stories of Irish immigrants living in Brooklyn in the late 1800’s. Somehow this hefty beast of a show was on Broadway at the same time as Hair and 1776, which is something to marvel at. Grab your tissues and tune in for a truly wonderful ride.

Featured Recording: Cry For Us All Original Broadway Cast Recording – Project 3 Total Sound Stereo - 1970

For the rights to produce the show, your best bet is to contact Mitch Leigh’s estate.


Not Since Carrie - 40 Years of Broadway Musical Flops by Ken Mandelbaum (random blog about this show that gave some background)

Writers/Actors Other NY Times (The opera guy initial cast as the lead) (Times Review) (Mitch Leigh mentions that he's working on a musical based on Hogan's Goat 2 years prior to it opening)

Youtube No clips, but here's Mitch Leigh's ad for his community:

Cigarette commercial with Mitch Leigh's hit!

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