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Flowers for Algernon

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Michael Crawford before he was "The Phantom of the Opera" was in this sweet, sad musical written by Charles Strouse ("Annie", "Bye Bye Birdie"). This show is a historian's dream! So many worlds collided to bring this short lived show to Broadway.

Record: Original London Cast - Flowers for Algernon -1980- Original Cast Record Company

The rights to produce the full show from Dramatic Publishing

Playbill Article

David Rogers Obituary

"Algernon, Charlie, and I" by Daniel Keyes

"From Basement to Broadway" from The Washington Post

"Charlie and Algernon - The Mouse That Scored" from The Washington Post

"Charlie and Algernon - Nothing to Sing About" from the NY Times

Wikipedia Entry

Commercial for Charlie and Algernon on Broadway

Clip of Michael Crawford and rat in "The Woman in White"

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