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Two by Two

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

An amazing writing trifecta (Richard Rogers, Peter Stone, Martin Charnin), a perfect star vehicle (Danny Kaye), and with a story as old as, well, the Old Testament. Why don't more people know of this show?! Let's find out!

Record: Original Broadway Cast Album - Two by Two - 1970 - Columbia Records

The Rights to produce the full show from Concord Theatricals

Martin Charnin Wikipedia

"Stage: Two by Two" NY Times

Remembering Two by Two by Mark Robinson

The Rogers and Hammerstein Encyclopedia

"Danny Kaye, as Noah, is Hailed on Broadway" NY Times

Montreal Gazette

Peter Stone Wikipedia

"Danny Kaye to star in Rogers Musical" NY Times

"Drama Mailbag" - NY Times

"Disservice" - NY Times

Walter Willison and Joan Copeland sing "An Old Man", "I Do Not Know a Day I Did Not Love You" and "Getting Married to a Person" (Madeline Kahn's cut song)

Martin Charnin interview about Two by Two

Fruit of the Loom Commercial with Harry Goz as the Apple!

A selection of photos from the NYC Public Library

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